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Westside Future Fund

Our Vision

A Community Dr. King would be proud to call home.

Our Mission

To advance a compassionate approach to neighborhood revitalization that creates a diverse, mixed income community, improves the quality of life for current and future resident sand elevates the historic westside’s unique history ad culture.

Our Values

Do with the Community, not to the Community

·       We know that resident are the real experts on the challenges in their community.  Therefore, we learn from residents and involve then in all we do.

Be Compassionate

·       We meet residents where they are in a spirit of empathy and respect.

Have Integrity in Everything

·       We stand behind all we say and do.  We are open, honest, and courageous.

Be Creative

·       We bring high energy and fresh ideas to tackling the long-standing challenges on the westside.  We’re dedicated to trying different approached to get different results.

Deliver Results

·       We’re committed to driving transformation in the long term, with a focus on measurable outcomes today

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970 Jefferson St. NW
Box 1
Atlanta, GA 30318

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